Canvas and Sail Repair

Canvas and Sail Repair

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Canvas and Sail Repair:

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Book Description
This addition to the International Marine Sailboat Library explains step by step, picture by picture how to measure for, construct, modify, maintain, renew, and repair such canvas items as biminis, sail covers, sail bags, cushions, and more, both above deck and below. It also shows how to repair damaged sails, all of which is possible on an ordinary home sewing machine. Given that a new sail cover can easily cost 500 and a new sail 2,000, this information has decided appeal. Every page is illustrated, most with multiple images. The text flows around pictures in caption form. The book is designed to please the eye, engage the user, and convey techniques and concepts in quickly understood blocks. Detailed illustrations render the techniques transparent; there is no change of misinterpretation. Mail-order material sources are listed.

The skills required for top-notch canvaswork are astonishingly few, and canvas's potential to protect your boat and enhance your enjoyment of it is practically limitless. Here is all you need to tackle virtually any canvaswork project: sails and sailcovers, flags, dodgers, ditty bags, cushion covers, and awnings - including Biminis. It's clean, safe, and risk-free - and you'll save a bunch of money and get exactly what you want in the process.

  • Introduction
  • What You Need
  • Flat-Sheet Projects
  • The Pocket
  • The Bag
  • The Closed Box
  • Custom Canvas
  • Sail Repair
  • Hardcover 144 pages.