Complete Canvasworkers Guide by Jim Grant

Complete Canvasworkers Guide by Jim Grant

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Complete Canvasworkers Guide:

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These days the canvas we work is likely to be a synthetic fiber, superior to its natural-fiber predecessor in most every way. Today, the average canvasworker's fingers are not like marlinspikes, nor, if you have a good ordinary sewing machine, do they need to be. Canvaswork is unchanged in one sense, though: It can result in an almost endless variety of attractive and functional gear for a boat. The old tars would have envied what we can turn out today. The Complete Canvasworker's Guide is a thorough, step-by-step introduction to making all common items of canvas boat gear. This is more than an idea book. All the instructions are here, in a straightforward, no-frills format developed by Jim Grant, to answer the needs of canvasworking students and mail-order customers. This edition is larger by half and thoroughly updated and revised, with many new illustrations.

17 Chapters

The Principles of Canvaswork
Sea Anchors
Awnings and Enclosures
Sail and Ditty Bags
Boat Covers
Bosun's Chairs
Cushions and Covers
Flags and Pennants
Sail Covers
Small Covers
Spinnaker Socks
Tote Bags
Weathercloths and Hatchcovers
Wind Scoops
186 pgs., 230 illus., 8-1/2" x 11" softcover.