EZE Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler (FREE swivel coupler & 3/8" staples)

EZE Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler (FREE swivel coupler & 3/8" staples)

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Product Description


EZE #7 Fine Wire Upholstery Stapler

We've been selling this upholstery stapler for since 2002. No complaints from anyone. Includes oil, free 360 degree swivel coupler ($10 value), free box of 10,000 3/8 length staples ($10 value). 3/4" nose. 6 month warranty.
High quality and affordability. Light-weight construction for ease of use. Uses standard 3/8" crown staples (similar to #7, #71, "C" 3G type). Convenient bottom-loading magazine (load with nose pointing towards ceiling)
Shock-absorbing handle
Shoots 1/4" to 5/8" length staples
Great for furniture upholstery and more
We recommend buying a box of 1/2 length staples-sometimes needed when installing outside arms and backs on furniture.

EZ #8 Upholstery Staple Gun

Shoots heavier 1/2" wide crown staples. 3/4" extended nose 6 month warranty. Light weight.
Shoots common, easily available (most upholstery supply houses and from us), 1/2" crown staples (#8 or 80 series)
This staple gun will penetrate hardwood frames
Air pressure: 55-100 psi
Service and parts available.
This is the style gun most boat and booth upholsterers use. 1/2" staples have a little more "bite" when working with vinyl. Good for covering window valances and installing carpet
Free box of 10,000 3/8" length staples ($10 value) if you order online. Free swivel coupler! $10 value