By Mike

Build a restaurant booth

Finished booth with privacy screen waiting for delivery.

How to upholster a restaurant booth How to make a restaurant booth Build frame

Constructing back frame. Consider a #8 1/2" crown fine wire stapler when you're doing mostly vinyl work. We carry BEA and EZ #8 air staplers. and the powerful Maestri #8 electric staple gun.

Applying rubber cove molding to "kick".

Pad frame Pad base Pad base

Applying foam to "base".

Pad base Add molding Cover base

Completed kick and base upholstery.

Foam added to inside backs.

Add foam to back Pad sides Install zig zag springs

Nailing down "no-sag" (also called zig zag springs or sinuous springs) spring clips.

No sag springs Add burlap and underpad. Forming bullnose

Double layer burlap over springs, applying under pad (same as fiber carpet padding).

Forming "bullnose" (this is what gives the booth its pronounced front curve)

Applying seat foam Tailoring seat foam Seat foam

Applying seat foam, tailoring seat foam

Dacron wrap Install vinyl cover

Applying Dacron using spray adhesive.

Installing sewn vinyl seat cover.

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