Foam Adhesive

Foam Adhesive

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The Best Foam Adhesive

We now carry National Guards adhesive spray. This foam adhesive forms a foam tearing strength bond in minutes. This foam adhesive will bond foam to fabric, paper, wood, metal, plastic (not Styrofoam), foam to foam, batting to foam. Permanent bond.

Shake foam glue can for 10 seconds before using. This adhesive works like contact cement. Spray each surface being glued together and wait about 30 seconds and then press together while still lightly tacky. If the glue is still wet, it will take longer to bond (5 minutes while drying). If the glue is tacky and dry it will bond instantly with foam tearing strength.

Use National Guards adhesive to bond closed cell foams.

National Guards foam adhesive is an excellent closed cell foam glue, EVA glue, or neoprene glue. Allow foam adhesive to dry for 5 minutes before pressing together since these are closed cell foams they will not allow the glue to dry once they are pressed together.