Maestri #8 Electric Upholstery Stapler (FREE box of staples)

Maestri #8 Electric Upholstery Stapler (FREE box of staples)

Code: SG-ME8


Maestri #8 Electric Upholstery Stapler:

Product Description

Maestri #8 Electric Upholstery Stapler
Fine wire staple gun for boat and booth upholstery, carpet laying, valance and paint canvas frame covering. 1/2" (width)crown 20 or 21 gauge staples. Shoots 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" length #8 (BEA 80/380, , Atro 8, JK680, Spotnails 80 (980xx series), Hauboldf 800, Rainco 8, PrebenaA, Fasco EB80xx) staples carried by us and most upholstery supply houses in North America.

Brand Name: FoamOrder
Manufacturer: Maestri

High resistance body in fibreglass reinforced resin. Double insulated. Extended nose.
Quality case, padded, room to carry staple boxes. 110 volts for North America only.
Free box of 5,000 3/8" length staples.
Shipped 2-3 day Priority Mail.
If you do mostly furniture upholstery get the #7 gun. The #8 staple gets a little bit bigger bite on vinyl.