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Make a simple ottoman
Construct an ottoman with decorator fabric and a few basic materials (or make ottoman double as a table). Then sit back and enjoy your handiwork.
Attach legs to plywood square Make and install buttons
  • Assemble the base by attaching the 4 legs. Using 1 plywood square, measure 6 1/2" from each corner, and secure the leg brackets with the screws provided. Screw on the legs tightly.
  • Drill a 1/4" hole, 5" from the edge, in the middle of each side on the second square of plywood. These 4 holes are for fastening the decorative buttons on the top of the ottoman.
  • Place 1 plywood square on top of the other, lining up the edges. Drill a 3/8" hole 8" from each corner, through both squares. Be careful not to drill into the ottoman's legs. Place a washer on each bolt, and insert the bolts into the holes in the top square only; screw on the nuts to temporarily hold the bolts in place.
  • Position the foam over the top square, covering bolt heads. Place the batting over the foam, and cover with a 38" square cut from the fabric. Pull fabric tight and staple to bottom of the top square.
Make ottoman
Make foot stool
Push fabric over teeth.

Cover the 4 button shells with fabric. Thread the long needle with a yard or more of fishing line. Leaving a long end of the line under the plywood, push needle up through one of the 1/4" holes in the plywood. Work through the foam, batting, and fabric until the needle comes through the top. Thread the needle through the back of a covered button, and push back down through the same 1/4" hole. (It may take a few tries to locate the hole.) Cut the line to remove the needle. Thread the 2 long ends of the line through the holes of a flat button, and pull tight. (Hint: This requires 2 people-one to push the button down and another to pull the fishing line.) Tie 2 or 3 square knots, and trim the ends of the fishing line. Repeat with the remaining 3 buttons.

Cut 3 (20") strips across the width of the fabric, to make the skirt. With matching tread, sew the short sides of the strips together, using a 1/2" seam, to make 1 long strip. Position skirt around the edge of the bottom plywood square, mark the depth of the hem, and stitch. Sew the short sides of the 2 ends together, forming 1 continuous piece of fabric.

Make a 4" pleat (8" of fabric) every 12" on the unfinished edge of the skirt, measuring from the middle of 1 pleat to the middle of the next. Make a total of 8 pleats. Adjust the skirt to fit the base, positioning a pleat at each corner and in the middle of each side. Staple the fabric skirt to the top of the bottom plywood square.

Place the cording close to the edge of the bottom plywood square on top of the fabric. Staple, overlapping the free ends. Unscrew the nuts from the bolts in the top square, and bolt the 2 plywood squares together.

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